Bringing consistency to brand communications.

Creating a brand identity and consistent communications for one of Norfolk’s most prestigious independent schools.

With three sites and over 400 staff, maintaining the integrity of the brand identity across so many different channels and methods of communication had become a full time job for the marketing team at Gresham’s. And with a logo created by artist and alumni Gerald Holtom, they were keen to do it justice.

Our approach was to create a brand identity, around the new logo and inspired by persona needs, creating cohesion across communications, whilst also ensuring that the school’s external presence represents the prestige that the school is known for.

Large billboard showing Gresham's brand campaign, Space To Breathe which shows and image of students sat on a Norfolk beach.

Using the guiding principles of simplicity, space and balance, we built a brand for Gresham’s School. Working with a restricted colour palette and a simple, symmetrical grid system, the rules were intentionally very simple. The beauty is seen in the detail with wide kerning between the uppercase letters, highlights of gold, and a luxurious sense of space. 

Gresham's School sixth form subject guide for students.

Applying the brand identity to prospectuses, leaflets, exhibition stands, advertising and the website, the brand came to life. Identifying key internal communication materials, we were also able to create a suite of templates for staff to use immediately, accessible via digital brand guidelines. 

The result is a brand which can be easily used by anyone with a visual identity which is strikingly simple yet unquestioningly Gresham’s. 

Example of the brand layout grid created to help Gresham's staff develop their own on brand communications.
Laptop computer showing the front page of the Gresham's brand manual website.

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