A cup of tea and a chat about all things marketing.

Pro bono marketing support to VCSEs of all sizes who work tirelessly to support our local community.


Norfolk Community Foundation has been at the heart of the voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector for over 17 years, working to bring people together who want to make a difference where they live. Despite setting up the highly successful Pro Help scheme that partners VCSEs with businesses for specific projects, pro bono, they continued to see requests for more general marketing support outside of individual project requests.


Working with Norfolk Community Foundation’s Corporate Philanthropy Adviser, we took time to understand the types of support required and what else was available in the market, before working collaboratively to devise a programme that not only allowed marketing sessions to be delivered, but also gave the Foundation the opportunity to offer further specialist advice sessions like HR, for example. All in a personal, 1:1 setting that gives VSCEs the chance to be heard and have their individual challenges addressed in a truly bespoke way.

Zoom call screen capture with Nikki and Michelle from Creativity Unbound, Norfolk Community Foundation and Clare from New U.


‘Ask Us’ is the umbrella support programme that we created for the Foundation. Deliberately positioned to illustrate that the support allows VCSEs to come with their own questions about a topic, rather than attending a webinar or online course where there can be little or no opportunity to interact with the experts. 

Promotional advert run by Norfolk Community Foundation featuring Nikki and Michelle.

On a monthly rolling basis, we work across six core themes that were identified as the most popular areas where support is requested. Each VSCE that signs up shares their challenge in advance to allow us some time to prepare before our 30 minute 1:1 session, where we work together, sharing our ideas and understanding their context to provide tailored support on the areas where it is needed the most, completely free of charge. 

If you’d like to find out more about the programme or sign up, visit Norfolk Community Foundation’s website HERE.

We have been so lucky to have Nikki and Michelle from Creativity Unbound giving their time to the Norfolk Community Foundation. Thank you for 2022 and for continuing your support in 2023.


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