A prospectus that connects with the disconnected.

Prospectus design to position award winning charity as an outstanding educator and champion of young people.

Front cover of St-Eds prospectus showing the theme, 'Your Way'.


St Edmunds Society offers a vital service to the young people in our community who, for many different reasons, find mainstream education isn’t for them. Although achieving incredible retention rates and results and winning awards for social justice, when standing side by side with local FE providers, St-Eds felt like they didn’t stand out or seriously considered as an alternative option.


With limited funds to spend on marketing materials compared to the local sector, St-Eds was often on the back foot when communicating to young people and their families. Focussing on the prospectus design, we had the opportunity to position St-Eds as an education provider with knowledge, expert teaching, and a valued option for young people to learn the skills to change their future.

Inside double page spread showing specific course information for mechanics.


At St-Eds, they consider each student as a person, not just a number in the FE system. The prospectus theme of ‘Your way’ helps to position the future for the young person in their own hands, St-Eds helping each person to be successful and to feel valued. ‘Your way’ continues through the prospectus design using linear illustrations to depict the journey through education and beyond, incorporating course iconography already being used in variations of the logo. 

Pride was also a theme throughout, using testimonials from students, families, and local persons of influence, and large imagery showing young people in action helping connect with the opportunities offered and to imagine yourself in their shoes. 

Inside spread of the prospectus with a welcome from the Chief Executive, Lorraine Bliss.
Inside spread of the prospectus showing St-Eds vision.

The prospectuses have been so popular. We really appreciate all the support you have given us with this and our numbers of students are growing rapidly which is great news.


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