Helping our mental health workforce.

Website design and build to provide Norfolk and Waveney’s children and young people’s mental health workforce equitable access to training content and resources.

Laptop computer showing TALK Centre website homepage.
Mobile phone showing TALK Centre website homepage.


Mancroft Advice Project (MAP), a charity dedicated to supporting the needs of 11-25 years old in Norfolk and Waveney, in collaboration with the regions children and young people’s mental health services identified a need to better support the professionals working tirelessly to help our young people by providing access to the many sources of training and knowledge available via a website that catered directly to their needs.


Our human first approach allowed us to create a website architecture and experience that was built on the needs and wants of each audience type. Which was then validated with a round of qualitative UX research with our target audiences, to deliver a robust and highly accessible website that would make a real difference to the training and development of our health professionals.

Extended view of the TALK Centre website homepage.


The platform, TALK Centre, features a brochureware section demonstrating the types of training materials and resources available to the workforce as well as information about the aims of TALK Centre and the key organisations who have collaborated to bring this much needed resource to life. Once registered and logged in, the TALK Centre Hub offers a wealth of information that is easily accessed via a dynamic filtering system, with the option to download resources, book training sessions or buy tickets to events. 

The design takes inspiration from the TALK Centre logo, using the striking blue and magenta colours with a subtle secondary grey we were able to give the site a positive but calm feel, allowing the content space to breathe while guiding our often very busy audiences quickly to the content that was right for them. 

Tablet compute showing the TALK Centre hub where users can access training content once logged in.

In the development phase our expert partner, Overflow Hidden placed particular emphasis on ensuring that the site was fully accessible to users who navigate using a keyboard or screen reader. This included adding proper formatting and semantic structure to the HTML code, as well as providing alternative text for images and clear and descriptive link text.

By focusing on keyboard and screen reader accessibility, we were able to create an online experience that was fully inclusive for users with disabilities. This not only helps to create a more equitable online environment, but it also has the added benefit of improving the overall experience for all visitors to the site.

Creativity Unbound created a website for us that was exactly what we needed but didn’t know.  Their extensive research and design process meant that they were able to design something that works for all users of our website.


Built on the combined experience of our founders, Creativity Unbound brings over 30 years of knowledge from across different industries to support VCSE’s of all sizes.

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